“A good movie is one in where critics would become audience, while a bad movie is one where the audience would become critics”, Chitrapatah is the Sanskrit word for film, and this blog was started with a sole intention of reviewing movies from both the audience and critics Point-of-View (POV).


About me, well I’m Akhilesh Chetty a Software Developer, an Ardent Theater Enthusiast, A Part-Time Filmmaker, and a hopeless stand-up comedian from the Garden City of India, Bangalore . CHITRAPATAH is a culmination of two of my most favorite stuffs, Movies and Writing!.





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Akhilesh, it’s been a blast reading about your perspective on movies. Would you also do book reviews? For instance, would you like to read and review a collection of short stories about biking, history and romance this author Sharat Kumar? I’d love to hear your take on them. I’ve attached my email address and website link so you can check them out. Cheers and keep on the road,

    • Hi Hritvick, thank you so much for your compliments. As part of the book review is concerned, I am a little bit skeptical as reading and reviewing an entire book would require a lot of time and effort, nonetheless, I would love to review a short story from the book and give it a try, but as it would be my first literary review, I do have my reservations.

      • Hi Akhilesh, its great to hear from the blogger himself! My only reservation is that you put the Dude’s picture behind Sam Elliot, and the Johns Goodman and Turturro! Sacrilege, I’d have to say. If it were up to me, I’d put The Dude, then Buscemi, Goodman, Elliot and Turturro. That movie is the Holy Grail itself!!
        About the book, it’s a pleasant read at 13 short stories. And from what I’ve read from the reviews, you do a good job of it. I only wish for a fair feedback of how you felt while reading. Ping me on my email address, so I can send a teaser of the book. You can read it and make up your mind, my good sir. Anyone who appreciates ‘The Big Lebowski’ must have good taste….(wink)


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