Bahubali The Beginning & The Conclusion – Movie Review

Language: Telugu, Tamil & Hindi.
Starring: Prabhas, Rana Dagupati, Satyaraj, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krinshnan, Nazar, Tamannah.
Directed By: S.S. Rajamouli.
Written By: K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, S.S. Rajamouli.
Music: M.M. Keeravani.
Genre: Drama.

A pioneering breakthrough for Indian Cinema, not just limited itself to visual effects while also ensuring that regional cinema is a force to reckon.


It’s a well-known fact that the evolution of the human race is attributed to the technological achievements by us. Be it the stone age spears or software of the current generation our inventions are at the forefront of our evolution to become the leaders of the planet. A startling fact about these inventions: The innovations of the 21st century are far more than all the innovations up until the 20th century put together. All this in only 18 years into the new millennium is something to be proud and scared off at the same time. Such is the speed of the inventions that even a decade old technology is considered legacy. This led to the sophistication of not only the well to do but even the common man making our day-to-day lives more refined. This, in turn, was directly proportional to the advancements in the field of Cinema. With an emphasis on better quality, the breakthroughs in the field of Cinema went far beyond our imagination. It started with camera tricks followed by animation, then the green screen and now CGI and Bahubali is India’s coming of age movie in terms of visual effects.

The series begins on a curious note with a lady getting killed by the royal guards and to save the baby she is carrying, she drowns herself. On discovering the baby’s cries the people passing by rescue it. With nobody to claim the kid, the people adopt it and raise it as their own. The story then moves over to the adolescent kid struck by cupid over a warrior princess. Chasing her he lands up in the mountain Kingdom. He is branded as a traitor and ordered to be killed. When the King’s Loyal executioner is about to follow his master’s order we are thrown open into a chasm of curiosity which ends the first part. The second part begins with the answers to our questions that have been bothering us. The movie shifts to a flashback, diving into the world of Bahubali and the secrets behind the child with the screenplay gradually progressing to the rise and fall of the noble King and ultimately his unlawful death and the rightful heir to the throne avenging his father.

The standout aspect, as well as the letdown aspect of the movie, remains the CGI. When we are being catered with movies that are so realistic that we fail to draw the line between imagination and reality, along with the technology being available to the mass audience, the team could have had a better if not the best CGI incorporated. It goes without saying that the CGI in the movie is by far the best in the Indian Cinema, yet with the pretext of competing against the likes of world cinema, we are yet to come aboard and have a long way to catch up with in terms of visual effects and CGI.

Bahubali:“The one who gives life is God…the one who saves a life is a doctor…and the one who protects life is a warrior.”

The man with the ‘Midas Touch’, Rajamouli, is known to produce commercial entertainers that reverberate with the audiences and critics alike. Starting with Student No. 1 to Eega, he is known to gauge the pulse of his target and resonates his movies to their frequency. With Bahubali series he establishes himself as a pioneer in both Telugu and Indian Cinema. Although he deserves whole and sole credit to the movie for his vision, it is the hard work and efforts of the team that realized his dream. The credit for the movie should be shared with the entire team, right from the stunt and choreographer, to cinematography and editing, to music and performance on screen, all of them deserve almost the same, if not equal credit for the movie.

With a vision to release the movie in three languages for a Pan-India audience, the dialogs, movies, and relative acceptance was planned and worked out accordingly. Having watched the series through the languages, I did find the movie to be thoroughly entertaining in all the languages. Although it was a dubbed version of the Hindi language, the editing was cleverly trimmed to avoid lip sync issues. Nonetheless for a mythological movie to have a large audience especially in this age of technology, and coming out successfully is in itself a great achievement.

Retrospectively, Bahubali has clearly earmarked a well-defined standard, with movies being categorized as pre and post-Bahubali era, for not just visual effects but a movie package as a whole. With a grandeur and mass appeal being its forte, the whole movie watching experience is amplified especially in cinema theatres.

Audience POV.
1.Brilliant screenplay.
2.Appealing movie watching experience.

Critics POV.
1.A fine visual effects masterpiece yet does have few more miles to go to become the best.
2.A complete package of an entertainer complimented by a great vision for direction.


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