Secret Superstar – Movie Review

Language: Hindi.
Release: September 2017.
Starring: Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun, Aamir Khan
Directed By: Advait Chandan.
Written By: Advait Chandan.
Music By: Amit Trivedi.
Genre: Musical Drama.

As the saying goes ‘Chase perfection and not glory, coz glory always follows perfection’, with the perfectionist wizard wielding his wand, it’s a sure thing that the glory is bound to follow, and Secret Superstar is no exception to that.


               There is always a certain kind of expectation for an Aamir Khan movie. An expectation that it wouldn’t be your regular run of the mill rom-com or death-defying action or even superstar hero worship. Aamir never ceases to keep up to the expectations, but he goes beyond it, at the same time a social and heartfelt message is left lingering in the minds of the audience which has a lasting impact on the audience’s characters.
In a country as diverse as India, with a rich tradition, culture, heritage and values, the recent history of the last two centuries have been something of a forgetful nightmare. The huge burden of colonization which was followed by the corrupt politics, suppression and oppression took an upper hand to reign over others, with Secret Superstar being a prime example of the sad state of the oppressed.

Insia : ‘Sapno ke bina kisi cheez ka point nahi hota hai … na sone ka, na jaagne ka, na jeene ka, na marne ka’

               As soon as we saw the trailer, we could very well draw the story of the movie. There is no change to it. A story similar to the idiom ‘Rags to Riches’. Yet, throughout the movie, we root for the protagonist to come up, we want all good things to happen to her, we wish we could help her, and last of all, we want to be her. That in itself is the greatest victory for the movie.
Meghana Mishra, the real superstar behind the screen, is one of the many great discoveries by the legend, Aamir Khan. With a voice that captivated and mesmerized all of us is of no surprise, but so simple and pure is the beholder of the voice it makes us wonder what lies in store for the star in her. This talent is complimented on screen by an equally talented Zaira Waseem. What more can be told of the star who has a National Award to her name.
Amit Trivedi, the man responsible for making a slow track a real hit. Yes, just like how its told in the movie, a slow track wouldn’t lose its appeal if it is defined by a true soul. All the songs are chart-busters and as a direct consequence into our hearts, considering the fact that the recent hits were nowhere close to the rhythm of ‘Nachdi Phira’, it says volumes about the song.
Advait Chandan, the real heart behind the movie. If not for his efforts, a movie so simple yet so connected would not have materialized. Agreed, this story is almost similar to any ‘effort never fails’ story-line, yet the way it’s presented and the moral & social take away from the movie is way beyond our comprehension.

Shakti Kumar : Tum jaise talented bache hote hai na woh sode mein is bubbles ki tarah hote hai … ek ke baad ek woh aise hi upar aate hai … apne aap … unhe koi nahi rok sakta.

               Last but not the least, Aamir Khan. A superstar in his own right, yet maintains his point of a supporting actor throughout the movie, right from his introduction to the very end, ensuring that he never steals the limelight from Zaira Waseem. This is exactly the reason that he is known as the perfectionist.
In the end, Secret Superstar is one of the few movies where the movie is simple and predictable yet connects with the audience who not only root for the Superstar, but wished they too could have brought out the spark in them for the world to see. And for all those of you who feel so, my advice ‘ Its better late than never…’

Audience POV
1.Brilliant talents, both on and off screen.
2.Beautiful & melodious songs.

Critics POV
1.A visionary director.
2.A beautiful script complimented by a wonderful screenplay.


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