Nishabdha 2 – Movie Review

Language : Kannada
Release : November 2017.
Starring: Roop Shetty, Avinash, Petrol Prasanna, Aradhya Shetty.
Directed By: Devraj Kumar.
Written By: Devraj Kumar.
Music By: Sathish Aryan.
Genre: Thriller, Drama.

A proportionate combination of the stereotypical Kannada cinema and The New Wave cinema targetting the mass audience.


When a film industry has been continuously making movies predominantly targeting the mass audiences with a heavy dose of hero worshipping, the tastes of the audiences, the commercialization of movies and the potential filmmakers and their inspirations tend to move towards the same direction and Nishabdha 2 is a prime example of genuine filmmakers trying to cater to a mass audience mainly for commercial reasons rather than the craft of filmmaking.
The film starts off as an action comedy and carefully morphs into a crime thriller. Although the screenplay is initially predictable with a lot of loopholes to the plot-line, it makes up for the predictability in the second half with a healthy dose of twists and turns, etching out scenes that not only scare us but remains in our memory long after we come out of the theater. The credit for this goes to the entire team of Nishabdha 2, who have put their heart and soul to make this thriller.

‘Let me show another world in darkness, to all those who lead an ugly life in the light’

The most puzzling aspect of the movie is the title. Marketed as a sequel to the famous and super hit Nishabdha, it is in no means a sequel or even an inspiration, with just a reference to the late legend Dr. Vishnuvardhan in the introduction scene serving as a moot point. There could have been several other and better titles to choose from and dedicating the film to the legend, rather than a mere reference.
When there is a powerhouse of an actor in Avinash lending his name to the casting credits, the others surrounding him are sure to be inspired to give their best. This is exactly the case here. Not wanting to be overshadowed by the legend, the lead actors, Roop Shetty and Petrol Prasanna, performing their best have not only excelled in their individual roles but uplifted the movie as well. Although Aradhya Shetty was on boarded for the oft-needed glamour quotient, she has in all possible scenarios showcased her performance talents in parallel.
The music and background score by Sathish Aryan may not be chartbuster or memorable, but it sure does make the movie a very pleasant experience. The real highlight of the movie is the cinematography by Venus Murthy. With the advent of new technology and it’s affordability, he ensured that Nishabdha 2 is in no way behind the major blockbusters. Although sometimes it seems to be a little patchy, overall it was a colorful experience.

‘There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no God’

Director Devraj Kumar has done a fine job in choosing the script, an unofficial remake and direct copy of ‘Don’t Breathe’, but falters highly in execution, by trying to adapt it to the mass audiences. For people unaware of the Hollywood inspiration, it might seem as a good attempt for a debut movie, but considering the fact that there was a readily available reference, the Kannada version seems to be very naïve.
All in all, Nishabdha 2 is a fine attempt to make a suspense thriller, but with a number of loopholes and disoriented plotlines stops it from becoming the cult classic like the ‘supposed prequel Nishabdha’. However, the upside remains the discovery of the talents showcased in the movie, which is not just limited to the people in front of the camera, but to the technicians behind it as well.

Audience POV
1.Noteworthy casting, who would go a long way in the industry.
2.Beautiful cinematography.

Critics POV
1.A rather lackadaisical approach to movie making.
2.Overlooking of many plot holes rather annoying.


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