Godhi Banna Sadarna Mykattu – Movie Review


Language: Kannada.
Release: June 2016.
Cast: Anant Nag, Rakshit Shetty, Vasishta N. Simha, Sruthi Hariharan and Achyuth Kumar
Directed By: Hemanth Rao.
Written By: Hemanth Rao.
Music By: Charan Raj.
Genre: Drama. 

A tribute to all the fathers.

Yes, Godhi Banna Sadarna Mykattu is a whole and sole tribute to all the legends out there, burning the midnight oil to work their sweats out, pretending to smile when they are completely exhausted and looking for some much-needed sleep, loving their kids without any reciprocation and more often the credit goes to mom, not that a mom loves any less, living a nondescript life only to make sure that you can live the life of your dreams, all these and a lot more than you can possibly imagine. A father is willing to do, or paraphrasing willing to sacrifice himself without even wanting to take credit and yet doesn’t mind being ignored when he needs his kids the most.

Although this is the debut movie of director Hemanth Rao, the way he has written the movie and how he never lets the audience sway for even a fraction of a minute, getting them to guess and always leaving them thirsty for more, gives us an impression that he is an industry veteran. This does not surprise me, considering that he had honed his skills under some of the industry greats like Girish Kasaravalli and Jacob Vergese, yet the way he blends two completely contrasting subplots of a suspense thriller and a family drama by a single thread is worth all the praise he deserves and even more.

The narrative of the movie is complex, yet presented in a simple manner. The story consists of five protagonists, a loving father suffering from Alzheimer, a caring doctor, a career oriented son, a hit-man with a golden heart and a good samaritan. With nothing in common between them, they cris-cross each other’s paths through destiny and have their lives entangled with a huge question mark on their futures and a desperate desire to attain closure to their own individual stories. With such a complicated screenplay to be conveyed to the mass audience, the way it’s portrayed is commendable, for which not only does the story and the director take credit, but the actors portraying them as well.

There are some people who are born to act, while for some it thrusts upon them. In either ways, a great actor is someone who could live a character on screen with such ease that people would often forget to differentiate between reel and real. With the legend Anant Nag on board, portraying Venkob Rao would not have been a great challenge, yet this would be the epitome of his acting. He conveys so much with such less effort, be it as the caring father trying to talk to his son or as an Alzheimer patient narrating his love, he does it with such grace and charm that makes us fall in love with Venkob Rao over and over again.

In our society where we are always thought to respect our elders where letting go of elders is not only frowned upon but even compared to a crime. Rakshit Shetty perfectly fits into the shoes of a career oriented son showing no remorse. When he is gradually reminded about his childhood and the fun-loving side of his father by a poised Dr. Sahana(Sruthi Hariharan), he slowly begins to regret his past while longing for the fatherly love. On the other hand, Vashista portrays to perfection a hit-man trying to save the lives of his accomplices, all the while yearning for love.

A movie so reliant on the emotional quotient of the audience is complimented by the soothing music by Charan Raj. Such is the impact of the background score and the songs, that it awakens all your six senses and leave you in a paradox to whether be saddened by your sorrow or feel happy about your life and unbeknownst you attain a state of nirvana unable to comprehend your feeling only to be brought back to reality when you sense a visual disturbance in the movie.

A lovely quote from the movie ‘Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time.When asked which one wins I answer, the one I feed the most’.  Although this is a quote from circa 1890, quoted by Sitting Bull, its still very much relevant to this day. We ultimately become what we choose to be, so choose wisely.

That being said, this is the second best quote from the movie. There is a quote far better and everyone’s favorite. To know about it, please go watch the movie. its worth your time, money and energy!!


Audience and Critics POV

  1. Beautiful acting by Anant Nag.
  2. A complex story told in simple terms.
  3. Brilliant casting with everyone adding value to the movie.
  4. Hemanth Rao is a gem of a find who would become a great asset to the Industry.

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