Wonder Woman – Movie Review


Language : English.
Release : June 2017
Cast : Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya.
Directed By : Patty Jenkins.
Written By : Zack Snyder, Jason Fuchs & Allan Heinberg(Screenplay).
Music By : Rupert Gregson-Williams.
Genre : 3D, Fantasy. 

Having watched Marvel churn out super hit after super hit, DC tried hard to capitalize on the recent superhero trend. In their attempts to find the true hero, they failed more than they have won, with many attributing the failure to the dark themes prevalent in all their movies. Well, how can we blame the audience  for rejecting a dark theme, after all, they were served with a healthy dose of colorful Superhero films in the MCU. DC has finally woken up to the fact that not everyone would love a dark world, while at the same time the audience maturing up to a more realistic portrayal of superhero. The culmination of these both has given us the finest Superhero movie under the DC radar. Wonder Woman has not just come out victorious, but has etched out a name for herself that many would love to follow suit and finally catapulted DC from being a persistent underachiever to a true leader.

Although the success of the movie is highly attributed to Gal Gadot’s performance for shouldering the immense responsibility of carrying the entire DCEU especially after the major failure of Suicide Squad, the actual reasons lies in the premise of the movie and
the way the movie was set up well before its release. The prelude given to the Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice along with the trailers of both Justice League and Wonder Woman intrigued the audience more than any other DCEU and it has for the first time lived up to the huge expectations it was carrying.

The beauty of the movie lies not in the acting or the stunts but connecting with the audience by hitting the right cords. Patty Jenkins has ensured that the movie does not confine itself to only the general audience but to even the testosterone laced critics
waiting to put it down at the drop of a hat. With a powerhouse of a performance not only by Gal Gadot but by Chris Pine, David Thewlis and Danny Huston complimenting the story having a right balance of IQ and EQ – Emotional Quotient, Wonder Woman would linger on in the audience minds for a much longer time than expected.

A great movie always inspires other movies, on a similar note, a great movie is inspired by many other movies. Wonder Woman is no exception to that. Maybe it might not be inspired at all, nonetheless, not wanting to be someone who would like to compare, but Wonder Woman would work wonders to the DCEU the same way Captain America worked wonders for MCU, with both being set during The World Wars, both staking claim to love than hate and finally sacrificing oneself for the greater cause.

With technology playing a major role in almost all movies, let alone superhero movies, sometimes the movies are made using them only as a marketing gimmick. The major marketing gimmick and the only let down of Wonder Woman is the 3D. While the stunts were more than worthy of 3D, the true potential of a 3D movie could not be unleashed even when the movie was 3D material.

In retrospect, with the only exception of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, DCEU have been trying time and again to achieve acceptance amongst the general audience, with the dark theme always failing them. With Wonder Woman they have struck gold by maintaing a dark theme yet adding a lot of colors to the movie along with a perfect combination of story, acting and marketing.


Audience POV
1. Perfect casting choice which also included the supporting cast.
2. Exemplary stunt choreography.

Critics POV
1. A lot more colorful than expected.
2. The best climax in any DCEU movie.


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