The Boss Baby – Movie Review

The Boss Baby Poster

Language: English.
Release: March 2017
Cast: Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Miles Bakshi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Tobey Maguire
Directed By: Tom McGrath.
Written By: Michael McCullers Based on The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee
Music By: Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro.
Genre: 3D, Animation.

Gone are the days when the floor was made of lava or the pillow forts were greater than the Windsor Castle. Looking back, we always wondered how we let our imagination run wild with nothing in the world that could bother us or how the little things in our lives made the biggest impact in our day to day activities. Little did we know then that those silly things and wildest dreams were our biggest assets and how easily we lose it when life happens. The Boss Baby is our chance to look back at the things that we were forced to forget when life hits us with reality!

Being a huge fan of animation and cartoons with ‘Toon Physics’ always forming the awe factor to any cartoon, The Boss Baby brings in a great deal of realism even when Toon Physics still forms the charm in the movie. Well, how else can you explain an adorable newborn baby to wear a suit and control the world? Nonetheless, although the movie is targeted for the general audience, only the young hearts would love it, while the older ones escorting them might not enjoy them, yet, they would definitely end up rekindling their long lost imagination.

Considering the fact that The Boss Baby falls into the family drama genre, it’s quite surprising that it was made in 3D, but the makers have completely justified the use of the technology, which not only compliments the movie but keeps the audience glued to their seats when the story gets boring or when the movie drifts away from the main plot. Of late the casting of almost all the animated movies are perfect, it’s no exception here as well. The voice casting of Alec Baldwin as the baby could have never gotten better than this. Having already portrayed the dominating and funny boss in 30 Rock, he lends his charisma to the baby and gets the audience to like the adorable baby more than ever. The supporting cast which includes stars like Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel and Tobey Maguire etch their names out while creating a niche for themselves in the controlled chaos of the movie.

A major factor of the movie that seems to be bothering me more than I anticipated are the loose ends in the screenplay.  Agreed, the entire movie is an imagination of a 7-year-old boy, yet dramatic liberties shouldn’t be restricted to only what the director thinks he should. Yes, a director reads the pulse of the audience, but sometimes he goes completely wrong, in this case, it’s to a considerable extent. As far as the technical aspects are concerned, nothing can be told to pull it down, neither does it have anything extraordinary that would linger on in the minds of the audience. Hans Zimmers music is just a touch and go, with no tune worth remembering, while the editing is just a practice game to James Ryan.

In conclusion, with the animation technology coming a long way from the time Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, animation no longer seems to be a child play and neither should it be confined to only the young audience. The Boss Baby is a prime example of a movie solely targeted for the general audience with the younger generation catching up rather than the other way around. It did achieve the target to a great extent, however, it gradually dwindled out over time. The only upside to the movie is that it did live up to the high expectations it carried, both as a DreamWorks movie as well as the hype it created after the release of the trailer.

Audience POV:
1. A rekindling of nostalgia
2. A light hearted entertainer

Critics POV:
1. The pace of the movie is slow.
2. A mix up of its target audience led to its gradual decline.


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