Chakravyuha : Movie Review

Chakravyuha Movie Poster

Language: Kannada.
Release: April 2016
Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Rachita Ram, Arun Vijay, Abhimanyu Singh, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu, Bhavya, Sithara.
Directed By: M. Saravanan.
Written By: M. Saravanan.
Music By: S. Thaman.
Genre: Action, Drama.

The concept of a movie is usually a reflection of reality, be it the social injustice in the society or the corruption that is prevalent in our day to day lives or even to a larger extent the global crisis of the world – Terrorism. Not all movies can deal with them and neither can they portray a realistic representation. However, with the human tendency to exaggerate and a focal point of good always winning over evil, the movies tend to move away from reality and more often than not take dramatic liberties that question all the physical laws known to man. Having being force fed such kind of movies, Chakravyuha is a refreshing take on the issues prevalent in our society.

Even though it seems that Chakravyuha portrays a realistic image in the minds of the audiences, the plot line is heavily flawed and a lot of loose ends are left to the unknown. Maybe movies cannot be ultra-realistic, nonetheless, a movie like Chakravyuah with an amazing plot should have taken into consideration these aspects which, according to me, is the sole reason why Chakravyuah ended up being a good movie and not a GREAT MOVIE!!

A major aspect that bothers me is the casting. With talents like Puneeth Rajkumar and Ranghayana Raghu at the directors’ disposal, he has definitely not justified their characters. Agreed the roles required them to be subtle, but before we could come down to conclusions about their roles in the movie, I’d like to tell you that there is a huge difference between under-performance and under-utilization. Not wanting to compare any movies, but, in order to have a better understanding of the difference between underperformance, subtlety, and underutilization, another movie of Puneeth Rajkumar, ‘Prithvi‘, exemplified subtlety but at the same time his talents were shone like a diamond, while the talent and versatility of Ranghayana Raghu needs no mention. The director, M. Saravanan, has under-utilized the powerhouse of talents in Puneeth Rajkumar and Ranghayana Raghu to ensure subtlety.

As the old saying goes, ‘ A movie is only as good as the villain‘ Arun Vijay exemplifies the antagonist role with ease and is one the bright spots in an otherwise forgetful cast, while all the other supporting members, including Sadhu Kokila and Sithara, are present merely to give a head count and lend their names to the title card.

The technical aspects of the movie have nothing great other than the editing, which compliments the pace of the movie, while the music and background score are pretty much a hallmark of Thaman. Although we have Jr. N.T.R. and Kajal Aggarwal lending their voice, it has been heavily digitized and there are high chances that one would not be able to recognize them unless told about the singers.

On the whole, Chakravyuha is a different stroke of movie making, where social justice forms the crux of the movie, yet has the orthodox masala flick flavor still sticking on to it. Chakravyuah is to a large extent the bridge between the testosterone induced high octane movies and the socially motivated movies which are realistic and sensible. Maybe this may spawn a new era in the Kannada industry, which has a strong appetite for the former style of movies.

Finally, Chakravyuha attempted to make a sensible movie to cater to the mass audience and achieved it to a considerable extent, yet failed to become a movie worthy of being remembered. Hoping this to be a starting point of a new style of filmmaking while giving a huge shout out to the Saravanan for treading the less traveled path, I patiently wait with optimism for Kannada Cinema to reach the heights that it once expected to reach…

Audience POV:

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable movie catered to the mass audience.
  2. An inspiring movie for the youngsters to take up social causes.

Critics POV:

  1. Lose screenplay with many open ends.
  2. Gross under utilisation of all the cast members.

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