Storks – Movie Review

Language : English.
Cast : Andy Samberg , Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Anton Starkman, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Danny Trejo, Chris Smith, Stephen Kramer Glickman.
Release : September 2016.
Directed By : Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland.
Written By : Nicholas Stoller.
Music By : Mychael Danna, Jeff Danna
Genre : 3D Animation, Comedy

Any movie is usually written in the form of a three-act structure – A beginning, the middle and the end. The beginning is where all the characters are introduced and initiated specific roles, the middle would consist of a confrontation wherein the protagonist would be pitted against all odds, with everyone including himself giving up to the antagonists. This is finally followed by the climax where the hero would plot and execute a resolution which would be nothing short of a miracle and ultimately end with the happily ever after where the hero would definitely be in a better place than in the beginning. Barring the exceptions of a few truly mind blowing movies, all films would have the same three-act structure with different plot points. Storks is one such movie to follow the stereotypical three-act structure, with nothing major changed in the sequence of the acts or any major plot points to be noticed.

An enthusiastic employee(Junior) is selected for promotion to CEO, but with a baggage, he should fire the sweetheart misfit(Tulip) of the company. Although not wanting to lose a golden opportunity and not having the heart to fire her, he instead re assigns her to the old closed down part of the company and asks her never to leave the place. After being bored of waiting, when a letter written by an innocent kid to have a baby brother is delivered to the company, she disobeys the order and puts the letter into the baby maker. When the baby arrives, Junior realizes that not only is his promotion but his job as well is in jeopardy. In order to cover it up, he agrees to deliver the baby with Tulip. On the way to deliver the baby, they two share a bond with the child and a close family like friendship is blossomed, which as usual leads to some bitter truths and they go their separate ways. When the boss finds out about the baby, he deceivingly tries to rob the baby and does succeed, but after coming to terms Tulip and Junior reunite and deliver the baby, which helps him gain trust among the employees and eventually is made the CEO and ultimately brings the company back to its past glory.

A light hearted comedy, with the tried and tested formula of all is well that ends well and a happily ever after, Storks does have a wonderful moral for the kids, to a considerable extent their parents as well, about what is family and how spending time with family reeks great benefits ultimately it explains that family comes first no matter what. It is after all the best thing that a kid can take home and one that he will and should always cherish.

Storks feels more like an episode of an animated series than as a whole film, with a lots of parts missing the actual feels for a movie while at times deviates from the central plot leading to some confusion about whats happening. Agreed the movie is targeting only the children, but with the tremendous improvement in technology on a daily basis and the number of animated movies, let alone live-action movies, being released everyday Storks falls deceptively short of expectations.

Although there are a lot of plot holes left to be answered, it can be ignored as this was done on purpose to keep the main theme of the movie going on, while keeping the audiences happy. The cast of the voice actors is nothing short of perfection as they bring the life out of the animation and leaves us with a feel good factor and does make up for the lose screenplay. In the end although it is a movie that is sure to make their primary target audience(the kids) to love the movie but not the adults accompanying them.

Audience POV
1. An enthusiastic movie, which surely makes kids happy.
2. A moral to live and cherish.

Critics POV
1. A very loose screenplay with a lot of plot-holes.
2. Although a 3D movie, not much importance has been given to it.

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