Language : Kannada.
Release : 2011.
Genre : Drama,  Rom-Com, Comedy.
Starring : Punnet Rajkumar,  Deepa Sannidhi,  Aindrita Ray,  Ananth Nag,  Avinash, Ranghayana Raghu with Datthanna and Ramya Barna
Directed By : Yograj Bhat.
Written By : Yograj Bhat.
Music By : V. Harikrishna.

A trademark Yograj Bhat movie, with amazing dialog s, brilliant acting, and even better casting and to top it all the combo of a witty lyrics and beautiful soundtrack complimenting each other and a moral in the end! Can it get any better than this? The fact that the movie lived up to its expectations, a rarely seen trait in Kannada movies nowadays, speaks for itself without any need for telling more about the movie.


The story is about the protagonist Paramatma(Puneet Rajkumar), who unable to find peace of mind in the various jobs he does, from climbing The Everest to a stock broker or having to tackle weight issues to a Kung-Fu expert, finally enrolls for a post graduation, where Saanvi(Aindrita Ray) falls for him, but Param falls head over heals for Deepa(Deepa Sannidhi), when he accidentally meets her in a theatre. Struck by “Cupid’s Arrow’, he follows her to her hometown in his pursuit of love. When all seems well, she rejects his proposal after finding out that Saanvi loves him as well. Feeling let down by his lady love, he leaves town letting her know that she needs time to re-access her priorities. Finally it is “true love” that wins at the end of the day.


I could not boil down to one or two things that were good in this movie, it could either be the much anticipated Puneet-Yograj pairing up for the first time, or the evergreen combo or Jayanth Kaikini, Yograj Bhat and Harikrisha to give us some brilliant tunes, or the amazing execution of a brilliant yet overboard story or a trademark Yograj Bhat style of cinematography by Santosh Rai Pathaje. I mentioned that the movie was overboard because of the heroism portrayed in the movie, and a dragged screenplay, both of which could, in all cases, have be avoided.


The casting for the movie is etched to perfection, with Puneet playing a brilliant role of the lover boy who follows his heart, while Aindrita Ray has played a role not atypical to her with excellence. But the real hero of the movie is Deepa Sannidhi, who plays the “mad sweetheart” with a variety of emotions packed into a single role, and yet makes it look so easy giving us a false opinion that she had nothing to do in the movie. All of them have been constantly complimented by the “Supporting Stars” of the movie which includes Anath Nag, Ranghayana Raghu, Datthanna and Ramya Barna.


All said and done, Paramatma is a movie that would linger in the audience’s mind for a long time, be it the catchy tunes or the screenplay or for that matter the climax. This is very much evident from the fact that it still lingers in my mind, although its been more than two years since I watched it, which itself is a big achievement, given that there were so many off-putting stuffs that force me to forget this movie.

Audience POV:
1. Typical Yograj Bhat movie with all the commercial elements complimenting Puneet Rajkumar.
2. Brilliant background score and catchy tunes.

Critics POV:
1. Over reliance on hero, rather than story and screenplay.
2. Sometimes dragging but is worth more than a one time watch.




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