The Wolverine – Movie Review (English)

Language : English.
Release : 2013.
Starring : Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada and Haruhiko Yamanouchi.
Directed By : James Mangold
Written By : Mark Bomback, Scott Frank
Music By : Marco Beltrami.


What is it with super hero’s always having a dark side and always contemplating their existence and their super powers, and trying to live a solitary life while trying to find the inner peace. With the story being inspired by the 1982 limited series Wolverine comic is nothing but an old wine in a new bottle. I know it sounds a little harsh and biased when compared to the other super hero’s, but somehow Hugh Jackman’s appeal failed to impress the movie.
The movie starts of with Hugh Jackman in World War II POW camp in Japan when the nuclear bombs are exploded. Being a good Samaritan Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) saves an officer-in-charge Yashida(Haruhiko Yamanouchi) from the explosion and as a token of appreciation when the officer offers his samurai sword to him, he declines it saying he would accept it some other time. Back to the present, Wolvorine is living a solitary life in the woods and avenging hunted bears. He is persuaded into coming back to Japan to visit the dying Yashida. On arrival he finds out that Yashida had other plans which he immediately rejects. Wolverine gets stuck in the middle of family politics and has to save Yashida’s grand-daughter, only to know that it is just the tip of the iceberg. Finally he succeeds in helping others out and in finding his true inner peace.


Like most of his movies, Hugh Jackman carries the movie throughout in his shoulders, although he does get occasional support from the other cast members as well. The director James Mangold has given his heart and soul to make a brilliant movie from a very sub standard plot. He makes sure that, even when the audience can predict what happens next, they enjoy it knowingly well.


The visual effects are a class of perfection, they excel to a great level in order to make the movie on par with modern greats, be it the fight sequence on the bullet train, or the Silver Samurai fight. Ultimately The Wolvorine does succeed in commercially with credit belonging to Hugh Jackman for carrying the movie single-handedly, James Mangold for sharing the huge burden of Hugh Jackman, and finally the visual effects team.

Audience POV.
1. Hugh Jackman is charming as always.
2. Breathtaking action sequences.

Critics POV:
1. A predictable and sub-standard plot.
2. Direction and visual effects, a standout feature.


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