Mata – Movie Review (Kannada)

Language : Kannada.
Release : 2006.
Starring : Jaggesh, Sudarshan, Tabla Naani, Vaijanath Biridar, Mandya Ramesh, Asif, Sudheendra and Shashidar Bhat
Directed By : Guruprasad.
Written By : Guruprasad.
Music By : V. Manohar, Udayaravi.

Mata is the only family movie, that has to be watched by every person in the family, albeit individually. Of course, it’s a movie with great value, but told in the most unusual and unconventional method. It is one of the few movies that would make you think yet laugh, regret yet content, misunderstood yet clear and finally perplexed yet enlightened. A completely contradicting movie with a strong message in the end.


Mata has an unusual story, wherein an advertisement is placed for the post of a spiritual leader, with training and other necessities provided. Seven contrasting individuals are selected to undergo the training program. The entire training program is filled with a lot of hilarious and thought provoking lessons with a message. In the end who would be the Chosen One and how he achieves it, is portrayed brilliantly.

A very strange, interesting and a completely new experience about Mata is that it has a number of “sub-plots” or “short films”, which are nowhere related to the main plot, and which I still have no idea why they were included in the movie, although all of them had their own hidden messages for the audiences to decipher. The sub-plot varies in genre from mythology to period stories, all of them having Jaggesh as its protagonist, with special appearances by other noted Kannada actors.



The narration takes a completely new direction, confusing the audiences while still letting them enjoy its values. The way things have been potrayed in the movie is impressive, and credit goes solely to its director Guruprasad, for coming up with a script like this, although the debutante nature of the director is clearly visible especially in department concerned to production design and editing.
The casting for the movie is bang on target. Not only the protagonist, but the supporting characters shine like a bright light complimenting the screenplay. For an experimental movie the cinematography could have been better, while the music is worth mentioning with songs placed aptly.

mata 2

In the end Mata is a movie which does not stick to the standard formula of commercial film-making and incorporates elements of parallel cinema, documentary cinema and experimental cinema, while churning out a commercial successful, thought provoking movie with a strong moral in the end, and would definitely be considered as a classic in Kannada Cinema.

Audience POV:
1. A refreshing movie with a strong message.
2. Dialogs and sub-plots were amusing and confusing.
3. Soundtrack and background score have been woven aesthetically.

Critic POV:
1. Production design and editing lags to a big extent.
2. Brilliant casting.

And unlike the regular trailers, here is a scene from Mata which gives you a sneak peak into what the movie could actually be.


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