About A Boy – Movie Review (English)

Starring : Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Rachel Weisz, Sharon Small, Toni Collette,
Language : English
Release : 2002.
Directed By : Paul & Chris Weitz
Written By : Paul & Chris Weitz
Music By : Badly Drawn Boy

About A Boy is actually the stories of two boys, the first one, Will Freeman(Hugh Grant), has no commitments, living off his fathers money, and only looking for a one-night stands, his philosophy: “To Be An Island”. While he breaks his entire day into half hour units with each activity accounting for a said number of units and lives his life accordingly. Marcus Brewer (Nicholas Hoult),on the other hand has to come to terms with the fact that his mother (Toni Collette as Fiona) is single, lonely and depressed and that he’s the only one who could help her. Will figures out that the most easiest way to get women who aren’t looking for any relationships and commitments are single mothers and hence joins SPAT(Single Parents Alone Together) pretending to be a single father with a two year old son named Ned. As fate would be their lives intertwine when Will meets Suzie a friend of Fiona. Suzie brings Marcus for a picnic with Will and after much reluctance the boys bond over time. Marcus then devises a plan for Will to date his mother, although it does not go as planned, their bond strengthens.


While all this is happening Will gets to meet Rachel(Rachel Weisz), and he instantly falls in love with her and tries to win her over by getting Marcus to play his son, as she is a single mother as well, in parallel Marcus starts to develop feelings for Ellie(Natalia Tena), and gets Wills’ advise on the matter. Rachel finally finds out the truth, about Will and breaks up with him, which leads Will to fence himself out of Marcus’ life. Over time Will finds what Marcus really longs for and what he himself was missing in his life, and ultimately how he gets Marcus back into his life with both of them realizing that their philosophies are nothing but nonsense and finally they start to act their ages.


Although the story seems to be very simple, credit goes to the directors for the way the movie is presented. Hugh Grant is charming as always with the supporting cast helping him equally while the cinematography captures their lives to perfection, the music gives the it a soul. I must say the most surprising fact of the movie is that About A Boy is directed by the people who brought us the gross-out comedy “American Pie”.

Audience POV
1. Hugh Grant is charming as always.
2. Brilliant Double Narration.

Critic POV
1. Beautifully presented movie.
2. Apt, to the point and crisp.


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