Cloud Atlas – Movie Review (English)

Language: English.
Starring : Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving among others.
Directed By : Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer
Release : 2012

All through the years we have watched a lot of movies starring Tom Hanks, portraying a variety of roles, but we get to see him show us his versatility in this movie alone, it’s an out-and-out Tom Hanks movie. Hanks eases in and out of the different characters in the movie giving us an opinion that they are completely different people. Not confining the applause to just Hanks but the entire team of Cloud Atlas needs to be praised, because everyone involved in the movie has shown their talent in one way or the other, be it the actors playing different roles, or the CGI team for their work, or the make-up artists, each one of them needs a mention.


The movie spans across six different eras, with six different plots, with a general theme being LOVE. The movie is presented in a non-linear fashion, while each plot has an interrelated to the next plot in one way or the other ultimately leading to the final plot giving us the basic synopsis of the film : “An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact on another in the past, present and the future, as one soul is shaped from killer to hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution”.


The first plot set in 1850 is about slavery and deceit, while the second is about redemption and closeted homosexuality, next to follow is about political conspiracy and international fraud set in 1973, the fourth plot set in 2012 is about social satire and some slapstick comedy, the next two segments is set in the future one in 2146 about human clones and their rights, while the final piece is about the rise against tyranny set in the post apocalyptic future set in set in the 24th century.


The cast get to play multiple roles, with some brilliant make up and CGI, it’s hard to recognize that they are the same actors. Sometimes they are unnecessary, but then again it’s the post-production team who are showcasing their talent. On the whole while all the actors put in their heart and soul into the movie, it is Hanks and the “Production Team”, who walk away with the accolades. On the other hand there were two major factors contributing for the movies’ downside, the chemistry between the actors was completely missing, and the movie lacked the spirit to move, which was the focal point of the movie, answering our question as to why the movie failed to make an impact.

Audience POV
2.CGI and make-up is overwhelming.
3.Hugh Grant is charming as always, while Hugo Weaving is an actor beyond comparison.

Critic POV
1.Production quality is impressive.
2.Chemistry between the actors was missing.


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