Little Miss Sunshine – Movie Review (English )


Language : English.
Release 2006.
Directed by : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.
Starring : Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Paul Dano, Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin.

A beautiful road movie about a completely dysfunctional family chasing the AMERICAN DREAM and in turn coming to terms with the harsh realities about life and in the end bonding together in the most unlikeliest of situations, Little Miss Sunshine is a coming of age movie for a road trip!!!


The movie begins when suicidal Proust genius Frank(Steve Carell) moves in to the Hoovers, having a horny and heroin addict Grandpa(Alan Arkin), a rebellious son Dwyane(Paul Dano) who has taken a vow of silence while training to get into flight school, the mom Sheryl(Toni Collette) on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the motivational speaker dad(Greg Kinnear), who despises losers and tries to motivate his family with his speeches irritating one and all, and finally the ugly duckling daughter(Abigail Breslin) for whom the entire family embarks on the road trip to fulfill her dream to enter the “Little Miss Sunshine” beauty pageant for kids.


Although we’ve seen a lot of movies on road trip, Little Miss Sunshine shines like a bright star among the lesser mortals, not by giving us a movie with a brilliant screenplay or an amazing cinematography, but because the entire cast stays true to their character be it Frank’s running or grandpa’s profanity or dad’s irritating motivational speeches about being a winner, everyone keeps it simple yet have played it to perfection.


Although it’s the directors debut movie, it doesn’t seem so, especially the way the characters evolve over the course of the movie, or the fact that being serious is the best comedy. On the whole Little Miss Sunshine combines both the awkwardness in the family and the fun in a road trip and gives us a refreshingly new take on chasing one’s dream while coming to terms with the realities.

Critic POV:
1. Brilliant casting.
2. Character development.

Audience POV:
1. Why we need a family.


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