Journey to the Mysterious Island – Movie Review (English)

Language : English.

Starring : Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens, Luis Guzmán, and Kristin Davis.
Directed By : Brad Peyton.
Release : 2012.

We usually classify movies as good or bad, but there are a few that do not fall into either, and the latest
Jules Verne novel inspired movie, Journey 2 the Mysterious Island is one among them. While it’s hopelessly bad in terms of storyboard and direction, the cinematography and CGI effects, keeps you hooked to the seats and wanting to find out what’s next.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

     Its starts off with Hank(Dwayne Johnson), trying to form a bond with his rebellious step-son Sean Anderson(Josh Hutcherson) after he gets reprimanded by the cops for his escapades. Hank and Sean form a team to find Sean’s lost grandfather, and go to the mysterious island with the help of helicopter pilot Gabato(Luis Guzman) and his daughter Kailani(Vanessa Hudgens), and as it has to be Sean develops feelings for the beautiful Kailani. They end up crash landing on the island and are almost eaten by a giant lizard, only to be rescued by Sean’s grandfather Alexander(Michael Caine). He guides them through the island and tells them that it is none other than the long-lost city of ATLANTIS. The silly misadventures they encounter while trying to escape from being drowned along with the island in the nick of time forms the rest of the adventure.


         Much like its prequel the 2008 movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, the movie doesn’t give much importance to the storyboard and relies completely on CGI effects like the lush green tropical island and its unique creatures, i.e. the tiny elephants, the huge bees, and the gold rain would definitely get the kids really excited. All said and done, who wouldn’t like a movie which has The Rock dancing his pecks and popping berries off it. Likewise both kids and adults would enjoy the movie.

Critics POV

  1. Lacks storyboard.
  2. Brilliant CGI effects

Audience POV

  1. Entertaining

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