Real Steel – Movie Review (English)


Release 2012
Starring Hugh Jackman
Directed by Shawn Levy
The movie is set in 2020 and about robot boxing, where our lead, a once-upon-a-time superstar, who is down on luck and broke fights with his Robot. and as expected the protagonist loses the fight and has to run away because he cannot pay back the loosing bet. While about to run he comes to find out that his long forgotten girlfriend died, and so he’s got to take care of their son. While the girlfriend’s sister is willing to adopt his son, he has to sign the custodial papers. Now he strikes a deal with the sister’s husband to let them adopt his son for 100 grands, with a condition that he would have to look after the kid for a month.
Again as expected he buys another robot, and looses that fight as well, this time it’s just that he looses in front of his son who did advise him against going to the fight. The father-son then go over to a city dump and try to find something that they can use to repair the robot. It’s the usual again, where the kid discovers another robot, which he brings home, against the fathers will, to find out if it is worthy of a fight. After a few tweaks and repairs the robot
is ready to fight. The robot then fights and as expected wins the fight against all odds, where it was actually supposed to lose. Anyway, by this time the son and the robot bond, and so does the father and son, along with the expected move of the bonding between father and the robot. Then the robot goes on to win fight after fight and in the process earns a name for itself. Now when all seems to be going well the guy who won the bet in the first fight comes back with a vengeance and gets back his money. Now father feels really insecure about the son and gives him back to his girlfriends sister, and goes on to fight alone. Now the morale seems to be down as the father is separated from the son, while the son is very much willing to be with the father and the robot. So does the father-son pair come back again and try to win the last fight or not forms the climax.


Apart from the fact that the movie stars Hugh Jackman, it’s a regular movie with nothing new to expect from the movie. Music is not that very intriguing, and the screenplay is very expected. The only thing that I can feel nice about the movie is that it is co-produced by Reliance Entertainment.

Critic POV:
1. Movie is very predictable goes on expected lines.
2. Screenplay could have been better.
3. Visual Effects is worth mentioning a praise.

Audience POV:
1. Robots are really likeable
2. Hugh Jackman does a really nice job.


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