Liberal Arts – Movie Review (English)

Release : January 2012
Language : English
Starring : Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney.
Directed By : Josh Radnor.
Written By: Josh Radnor.
Music By : Ben Toth.

Ever wondered how it would feel when you visit your college after a long time and discover how happy you were during those days and then how life happened to you, well Liberal Arts is just that. It’s a journey about self discovery and a general notion about life.


It’s a movie about Jessie Fisher(Josh Radnor) who visits his alma mater, for his professor’s(Richard Jenkins) retirement party, and re-discovers about his past days, and things that made him happy during his days there.
He finds out how much things have changed while he still remains the same both in career and personal fronts,
and how he gets to meet Zibby(Elizabeth Olsen), someone much younger to him, with a completely different perspective about life, and how his life changes when he finds out about his alpha-female professor’s(Allison Janney) view about life in general and him in particular.


On a personal front, I felt the movie could have used some more background score to keep the audience glued to the movie, and the fact that the protagonist is very much laid back might give a wrong impression to the viewer, while Zac Effron’s hippie character stays in people’s minds, but on the whole I would recommend this movie any day.

Critics POV :
1. Although the movie has a good storyline, Josh Radnor still has miles to go on the directorial front which is
clearly visible in the film. A special mention has to be made on Elizabeth Olsen for her talent.

Audience POV :
1. Not much can be told about the movie, apart from the fact that you’d want to visit your alma-mater and remember your glory days.


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