Dasvidanya – Movie Review (Hindi)

Language : Hindi.
Release : 2008.
Genre: Drama.
Starring : Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Ranvir Shenoy, Saurabh Sukhla and Manoylo Svitlana as Tatanya.
Direction : Shashant Shah.
Written by : Arshad Syed.
Music : Kailash Kher.

The best goodbye ever told indeed it it, director Shashant Shah has created an impressive movie about
fulfilling one’s “Bucket List”, without the regular “I don’t care about anyone and I’m going to live my life to the fullest with 10 girls around the Hero” or “the tragic tale of the heroine coming to know about the hero’s death and the hero breathing his last breath her lap with the heroines’ husband and the hero’s lover looking on with a violin music piercing your ear for the last quarter of the movie”.


Amar(Vinay Pathak), a 37 year old bachelor who works as an accounts manager in a pharmaceutical company and leads a
nondescript life, and his only companion is his mother. Life comes crashing down when he finds out that he has a mere 3 months to live. Not knowing what to do and nobody to share his grief, he starts sulking, but eventually wakes up the next day, and begins with his usual habit of writing the 10 things to do for the day, when his alter ego appears and convinences him to write his “BUCKET LIST”. How he fulfills his list one by one forms the remainder of the film.
Vinay Pathak plays his part of a non-existent man, by underplaying his role in a real subtle manner. Although we have seen a lot of movies with the protagonist fulfilling his bucket list when he finds out that he is about to die, ‘Dasvidanya’ does not have a melancholic tone to it, rather has a pure soul with the protagonist not regretting about his wasted life but in turn gives life to all the people around him.


Shashant Shah excels in the manner in which he has handled the screenplay, with a number of flashbacks, especially about his love (Neha Dhupia), or his childhood friendship(Rajat Kapoor), or his wish to appear on the front page of a newspaper, and the final sequence of how his life would have panned out if his wishes came true. The movie also has a lot of humor in it especially the dream sequence with his boss and mom, and when his mom tries to get him cured by BABA’s witchcraft and Mr. Savio’s guitar classes.
The standout characteristic feature of the movie is that although it is based on ‘Death’, Amar’s death is implied but not shown which would have otherwise had a negative impact, had they shown his painful death. The cinematography, art direction and editing complement the movie, but it’s the music that gives the movie a pure and innocent soul, of a man accomplishing his long standing wishes especially the “Mumma” song which is a culmination of Kailash’s folk and pop fushion.


Towards the end when Amar tells his brother that he bought his flat only for its view but never had time to enjoy it, hence spends as much time as possible in the balcony to enjoy it gives us a very strong and clear message that “All of us spend a lot of money and energy to get things done beautifully but never enjoy it until it’s too late”.

Audience POV
1. Slow but beautifully told.

Critic POV
1. A defanite recomendation, and people should watch before it’s too late.


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