The Big Lebowski – Movie Review (English)


Language : English.
Release : 1998.
Starring : Jeff Bridges,  John Goodman,  Steve Bushemi,  Julian Moore,  John Turturro.
Directer By : Joel and Ethan Coen
Written By : Joel and Ethan Coen

The fundamental principle to make a movie, let alone a great movie, is to have a beautifully written story, but its only the Coen brothers who can come up with a movie like “The Big Labowski”, which has an annual convention in its praise and yet have the most ridiculous story one can conjure up. The Big Labowski is a movie par excellence and tells us that the art of movie making is just presentation skill refined to its finest, and this is its epitome.

The plot is just a case of mistaken identity with a series of  other unusual elements thrown in, like kidnapping, a runaway girl, some White Russian, a Vietnam war veteran, a porno king, Russian mafia, some more White Russian, a nude artist, pot, a bad tempered millionaire on a wheelchair and his worshiping assistant, even more White Russians, Cops, Bowling, a pissed on carpet, a dream sequence and finally WHITE RUSSIANS!!!This is pretty much the plot on which the movie moves along, I know this makes no sense, but try telling someone who hasn’t watched the movie (if any) about the movie, and still want him to enjoy it, this is the only way you could.


One thing that has always bothered me was the fact as to how the directors could come up with a character sketch like “The Dude” or Walter or Jesus, but when I started reading about the movie I found out that it has been inspired by a real life people, “The Dude” was inspired by Jeff “The Dude” Dowd. An independent film producer, who helped the Coen brothers with their previous film “Blood Simple”. All his mannerisms, especially the White Russian, were directly influenced by him. Walter(John Goodman) was inspired by the directors friend, who was also a Vietnam war veteran, and running a private security firm.

Although the movie has The Dude in every scene, every character in the movie shines like a bright star throughout,
be it his bowling buddies Walter(John Goodman) and their sidekick Donny(Steve Buscemi), or his nemesis Jesus(John Turturro), who stands out even when he has the least screen time or the Big Labowski and his assistant Brandt(Philip Seymour Hoffman) as well as all the other supporting roles.


There are a lot of dialogs and scenes that would linger in people’s mind long after watching the movie, but Labowski’s dream sequence would top their list any day. It is by far the single most standout feature when we compare it with any movie, Maude(Julian Moore) dressed up like a knight and all things related to bowling and the music….all of them were too beautiful to describe.

As with the case of all Coen’s movies, it’s a visual treat. The setting, the house, the car and all the things shown
in the movie are clearly put together to immaculate detail. The editing, cinematography and music, especially the dream sequence, were all bang on target. While the most unusual and yet intriguing part is the “horse-shoe” mustache narrator(Sam Elliot) who acts as a pseudo audience and the only person to whom “The Dude Abides

Audience POV
1. The Dude and his White Russian.
2. Walter and his strategies.
3. Jesus and everything unusual you could find in the movie.

Critic POV
1. A stunning visual treat.
2. A beautifully woven masterpiece from the Coen stable


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