Wanted – Movie Review (English)

Language : English.
Release : 2008.
Starring : James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman.
Directed By : Timur Bekmambetov.
Written By : Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Chris Morgan.
Music By : Danny Elfman.


          Seldom do we see a movie, that makes no sense at all, yet tend to have a liking towards it. Wanted is the only movie, I can remember where, knowingly well that it makes no sense at all, yet have heaps of praise about the movie, and its movie making skills, especially in direction, music, editing, screenplay and CGI departments.
It all begins with Wesley(James McAvoy) living his mundane life, amusing neither himself nor people around him, with an ATM telling him what a loser he is. Without any warning he is sucked in to the world of guns, curving bullets, super-assassins, and finds out that everything he knew about himself is wrong, and he is ‘A caged lion, with a key to unlock it’. He is trained in order to tame the lion inside him and to avenge his tormentors only to find out that he had been tricked into avenging his so called tormentors where indeed it was the other way round, and in the end he ultimately succeeds in avenging everyone and is left with nothing.


The one and only element I did not like about this movie, is its story, setting that aside everything is worthy of greatness. Although a typical Timur Bekmambetov movie, the screenplay, CGI and editing are the standout features of Wanted. Before you realize as to what the movie is, you are caught in another dimension be it the CGI or the action sequences. Considering the fact that the entire movie has a lot of explanation to do, as to how, when and why things are done the way they are done. Although it does succeed in explaining them, but only to a film’s stand point of view, it does not help me, not one bit.


Another feather in the cap to the movie is its music. Danny Elfman has struck the rite chords to make sure that the senseless movie could find some sense at-least through his music, with an imaginative score carefully peppered into it. While James McAvoy single handedly carries the movie, although he does get support from Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. But I still wonder how they agreed to do the movie just based on reading the script, trust me this movie on paper would have lacked interest in any B or C grade actors forget about the other two greats. That said and done, they agreed to do the movie and do not regret doing it as well.


In the end the movie does succeed commercially, but my entire perspective about how a movie could be made has changed considerably because I had figured out that a great movie should have a great story, but a mediocre story with a highly skilled post-production team can make gold out of dust.

Audience POV:
1. Always keeps the audience guessing about the movie.
2. Makes us wish if we were part of The Fraternity.
3. Visual effects seems nice.
4. Stunt sequences are amazing.

Critic POV:
1. Impressive Editing and a brilliant narrative.
2. Swift screenplay, keeping the pace of the movie really fast.
3. Beautiful background score and music.
4. A trademark Timur Bekmambetov movie, with much of the movie left to the audience to imply.


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